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This email is for people looking to work online, make $100 per hour and take full control of their lives…….while helping other people evolve, ascend and find true happiness. Enrollment for our new session to become a Christoff Certified Self Sabotage Coach (a CCSS Coach) is now open today June 22nd 2021. Inside this program we also teach our coaches how to run workshops online where hourly fees can add up to much more per hour!

We’re only taking 50 students in the next semester because of the increased hours involved with each student. Each student now works one on one with Jason Christoff in the following areas:……  

A) You’ll have the opportunity to go through the self sabotage coaching process with Jason as your coach…..and you as a client. (to see what effective self sabotage coaching really looks like….. from a client’s perspective) Before you become a good coach, you must experience the process as a client. This BRAND NEW coaching process also includes custom wall art for each student/coach and wider array of hypnosis options, to address the specific areas where each student needs to reprogram. (when Jason takes on a self sabotage coaching client, outside the school, he charges them $995 for this service alone)

B) Jason will hold an opening ZOOM event LIVE to welcome all the new students into the school in early/mid July 2021. This ZOOM event will be recorded for anyone who can’t attend in person. This event will focus on how to successfully navigate our new coaching library and how to best digest the course material. After that ZOOM event, all students are given their private access to the coaching library.

C) Jason will also sit with you personally, in order to review your first client’s self sabotage questionnaire. By doing this together, Jason and yourself can develop a sound strategy for your first coaching session. (in regards to your first one on one client) This helps you develop your confidence as a CCSS Coach and helps you walk into your first coaching session like a pro.

D) If you’re looking to jump right into group training (instead of one on one coaching), Jason can also consult with you 1 on 1 as well, to make sure you apply sound business principles to the venture of group training.

E) Jason will also hold another live ZOOM event in Sept/Oct 2021 where he’ll review standard modalities by which coaches can structure effective marketing campaigns for their one on one coaching business or the more profitable ideas….like ZOOM based group conferences or online self sabotage coaching products. This is the business mentorship training.

F) As an extra bonus at the school this year Jason will hold a new financial abundance/investment seminar for all self sabotage coaches/students in October of 2021. The world is changing quickly and all coaches need to be prepared to position themselves properly for economic prosperity moving forward.

Our coaching library is already built, formatted and ready for new students. This means enrolling students can start studying right after Jason’s ZOOM meeting to the class, this July. Access to the coaching library for students, in only provided after our first class ZOOM meeting in mid/early July. Affordable payment plans are available via credit card for all students. This means many students do start generating incomes long before they’ve finished paying for their course. Jason has designed it this way because he wants to maximize benefit for his students. Doing so makes everything less stressful and more advantageous for everyone involved. This course is completely online and can be executed from anywhere in the world. After you graduate, you can gain access to self sabotage clients all over the world. The vast majority of people on this planet openly engage in daily self sabotaging habits, so your target market is very large. Our Facebook support page for coaches also reviews issues and business ideas specific to our self sabotage coaching process, so students get the ongoing support they need. Jason is only an email away at all times and places his students as his top priority.

Never worry about who you are or where you are in your life right now…… regarding becoming a successful self sabotage coach. Coaches with a colorful and challenging past are our most successful coaches. Everyone loves “The Comeback Story.” Most of our coaches have challenging pasts. One of our busiest coaches (so busy he had to invent online recordings for coaching, as he couldn’t handle the number of one on one coaching requests he was getting) was a drugged out, run down, extremely unhealthy chronic self abuser…but he turned it all around. It doesn’t matter if you’re thrice divorced, overweight, addicted or have low self worth, low self esteem or low self confidence. That’s the start of the best story ever and always has been! That also means it’s the perfect time to master this material and reignite your passion for allowing your true potential to flow through you. Your story is your superpower. Your comeback story is what people fall in love with and it also builds trust with the people looking for help……..who believe that they can’t ever come back from where they are. Share your experience with others, to make the world a better place. People absolutely love the comeback story and want a coach who has taken their life back, by using the simple tools that are only available inside our CCSS Program. This is your chance to use your colorful past as a slingshot into your best future! Be the comeback story and get moving into your best life!

Our self sabotage coaching material is easy to master, the coaching process is streamlined, ongoing support is always provided by Jason himself and the price is affordable for anyone who’s motivated to walk effortlessly into a better way of being. It’s a great time to learn an online skills in order to unplug from a world system experiencing massive upheaval. You don’t want to be at the mercy of a government or big corporation employer moving forward. Working for yourself, from home, is much safer…..until all this blows over. Start your side hustle and prepare for a safer future, with more independence and more distance from “the system.” Start small but start. You need an online business. You need more control of your own life, body and income. It’s that simple.

We can only take a maximum of 50 students each semester. There were 80 students permitted into the course at one time and that class still filled in 36 hours. We’ve decided to scale things back and offer more student support, as the business coaching and working one on one with new coaches (regarding their first clients) is now new for our students. It’s first come first serve unfortunately so here’s what you need to do if you want to be one of the 50 students let into our program for June 2021. Study time is 35 hours approximately for the course, including your one on one time with Jason. There’s a 40 question test applied after you’ve completed the material as well.

Registration is open right now as of June 22nd 2021. Here are the payment options. You can pay in full at $1995 US DOLLARS or you can arrange an 18-month payment plan at $119.50 US. (more details below) We also offer a $300 US pay in full discount (only $1695 US) if you would like to pay in the crypto currencies called Monero, DERO or Pirate Chain. If you would like to pay in full with any of those 3 crypto currencies, you can contact my assistant right away at and Chris can help you coordinate the payment.

If you want to pay in full via PayPal, send me an email to and Chris (my assistant) will send you on online payment request from my PayPal account. You can also pay in full or monthly via credit card by calling Chris at 613.930.6751 from 9 am to 7 pm EST time (Montreal time zone – Monday to Saturday only). If you don’t get through to Chris because he’s on the other line, leave your name and phone number (and your credit card details if you want to secure your spot) and Chris will call you back in priority sequence. You can also guarantee your spot outside Chris’s working hours as well. If you want to guarantee your spot any hour of the day, call Chris’s number and his answering machine will tell you exactly how to do that. This way we can reserve enrollment in priority sequence. After all our students are secured for the new semester, which is always within 14 days of opening the course up for enrollment…..we arrange our first student group meeting via ZOOM and everything begins. Of course if you have any questions before you register please email me directly at Receipts will be sent out within 24 hours of enrollment.  I look forward to working with you and getting you ready for your amazing transformation.

Bonus items sent to you right away are A) Jason’s newly recorded online workshop for overcoming self sabotage (recorded Nov 2020) and this will help you get comfortable with the course material right away B) Jason’s 2019 talk on overcoming self sabotage…….which reviews our genetic propensity to self sabotage C) Jason’s 2021 talk on overcoming health based self sabotage and D) Jason’s 2018 talk on over overcoming self sabotage……which reviews how media and governemnt psychologically manipulate us into lives of self sabotage, without our conscious awareness. You’ll become an expert just by watching the bonus material alone. I look forward to working with you soon.

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